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Private Playtime

Booking a session with your babygirl

If you're allowed into my Little Space and plok palace you'll find a bunch of fun goodies we can play with! I’ve got pink bondage gear, collars and various types of gags galore! Many jeweled butt plugs from small to large! A whole stash of dips to choose from for your babygirl. Different enema kits! Chaisty belt and orgasm belts. insertion toys and hitachis! Lots of different spanking implements (best new spankee 2018 award winner here)! Puppy play gear and coming soon, kitten play gear! I also have an adalt highshair! And I have lots of onesies and dresses and little bras and panties and cute socks to dress up in for Daddy! Also stuffed animals, everywhere. And it’s all Pink!



Rightnow I'm not escorting, just fetish for in-person sessioning, This includes everything but sexual jobs performed on YOU. This is the real babygirl experience. However, making me cum with various toys is allowed! If you seek full service, massage, or sexual favors, do not contact me.


These are often a starting price point If you have any special requests that are a bit more extreme, Please be sure to inquire within for exact pricing! I charge by the hour Typically for in-person sessions, though i do offer shorter and longer options as well!

In-Person Hourly

30min. ...$275

1hour ...$250

2hours ...$400

In-Person Overnight

6pm-9am ...$1100


5min ...$20

10min ...$35

15min ...$50

20min ...$65

30min ...$100

60min ...$200

*I am now accepting same day session requests without 24hr notice for double your regular session fee!


If you're serious about having the babygirl experience, then i encourage you to submit a "session inquiry"!


Please note, ALL required fields must be filled out For IN-PERSON SESSIONS.


For SKYPE SESSIONS, fill out whats appropriate! 

*If you’re not comfy giving me this information, I'm not comfy meeting up alone with a strange man unwilling to give me any info about himself for my own safety! I will never share the info with anyone, discretion is incredibly Important to me and there's no way i would be able to stay in business for 2 years if i was using peoples info irresponsibly. I will NEVER contact you at your wok or on your phone unless we've previously arranged it. But this info is important to know so I can verify that you are who you say you are before inviting you into my Little space and home!


Thanks for submitting!

I will try to get back to you within 24hours

Cancelation Policy

If you cancel our IN-PERSON appointment within 24 hours of our scheduled date, you will incur a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel our appointment within 12 hours of our scheduled date yon will incur a 75% cancellation fee. I accept Cashapp, Venmo, Manyvids Tips, (or Amazon GC occasionally). Failure to pay my fee will result in me notifying my connections with fellow local and fetish providers.

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