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Oh hi there Daddy!

It's just your Babygirl here! hehe. Don't be suprised if you find me humping my unicorn stuffiest. I just love everything PiNK and girly and LiTTLE! That's right Daddy, I'm a Little! (ask me my little age or about my stuffies!) And I'm here to please and shake my booty and show Daddy how much of a good litle girl I am!

and yes Daddy, I will take my spankings if I'm not!


I self-produce porn videos with other models and myself. I film for producers, companies, and other models.


I am currently providing in-call/out-call in-person fetish sessions. I also offer skype sessions!


I perform online live for your viewing pleasure on scheduled days/times throughout the week!


I create custom videos and/or photosets to fulfill your fantasies!

And if there's something you don't see, just ask because I probably do it!

Different Sides to Kiki

AS I have a few different main kinks I typically focus my life on, there are a few different sides to me in a way! Each special in its own way! Hehe. Get to know your Babygirl a little bit more Daddy!

Pssst! I play as these diff roles in sessions, my fan page, and videos too btw!

Daddys Girl's Room

This is my Little/Middle space bedroom! This is my favorite place to play with daddy! Here you'll find all my kink gear; including pet play gear corner and if you look close enough there's even my training potty in the room too hehe.

The ABDL Nursery

This is my space for abdl and diaper play! It is my favorite place to have friends hang out in with me. It's filled with diapers and teddy bears and pacis and enema kits hehe! I have everything here you need to baby out or to take care of your baby!